Pathway Caribbean Ltd Environmental Sustainability Policy

Pathway Caribbean Limited intends to:

  1. Strive to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all areas of its operations and investment decisions.

  2. Expect similar environmental standards from any partners involved in our work.

  3. Include environmental factors in contracts with our partners.

  4. Audit our office premises to ensure waste production and inefficient energy use is minimised.

  5. Recycle or reuse waste where practicable.

  6. Strive to adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy.

  7. Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

  8. Develop initiatives and provide regular information to employees of the company and opportunities for employee training on environmental issues.

  9. Ensure all employees are aware of our collective eco footprint as they make everyday decisions and actions.

This document will be reviewed in July 2011 or as legislation requires. This policy will be made available to employees and our partners.

Pathway Caribbean Limited

Published Date: 09/09/09